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Bridging the gap between Sweden and West Africa




SWABA is a business association registered in Sweden in 2018 with the primary aim of promoting business between Sweden and the West African sub-region.  Interest to do business in Africa among Swedish companies has increased over the past decade but there is still a level of scepcism about taking advantage of the opportunities in the continent due to diverse factors. SWABA has taken the initiative to provide Swedish businesses with interest in the West African sub-region the required knowledge about specific countries in the sub-region. Our aim is to create confidence among businessess with interest by not only providing the economic potential of specific markets but to help  in understanding the cultural diversities and what the critical success factors are in exploring and establishing in a new market.


Nigeria and Ghana are our pivotal markets however, we have limited contacts in countries like Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Ivory Coast and Cameroun  whilst we are working to cover the entire sub-region as we grow.




Adjei Fokuoh



Adjei is the board Chair of SWABA. He is an IT infrstrutural consultant and owner of iConus AB and co-founder of iConus Energy Solutions Ghana Ltd. 


Euphrasia Gorgoglione



Euphrasia is a board member of SWABA. She is a business development consultant and owner of SwedAfrica Consulting AB. She is also the Program Coordinator and Founder of SwedAfrica Business Program Ek. För. She is a member of Rotary International and currently the Treasurer of Lund International Rotary Club (LIRC). She holds a master’s degree in Innovation and Industry's Industrial Management from the University of Gothenburg. 

Iris Ohrn



Iris is a board member of SWABA. She holds a PhD and MBA in the fied of health. She works either as an expert or a member of the board for several Swedish and European organisations. Today she works as an Investement Manager at Business Region Göteborg.


Kojo Ansah-Pewudie



Kojo is a board member and the General Secretary of SWABA. He is a co-founder of iConus Energy Solutions Ltd. He is also a Development Manager with the City of Gothneburg and a member of Angered District Council in Gothenburg, Sweden and a former Vice Chair of Save the Children Sweden.


Simon Boahen



Simon is a media specialist with SWABA. He is a freelance journalist and a media Production Manager currently persuing a Master's degree in Internaqtional Project Management at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. He also holds a Masters degree in Journalism from Örebro University in Sweden.


View Simon's report on a Ghanaian business delegation visit to Sweden in November 2018

Daniel Ogbonnaya



Daniel is a board member of SWABA. He is a business man and industrialist with numerous successfull businesses attached to his name. Amongst whiich include being the board chair of Bohus Bio Tech AB, Carama vårdcentral AB and Uluma Fastighetsbolag AB and board member of Q&Q Labs Ab among others.


Göran Lindblom



Göran is a board member of SWABA. He is the owner of Artamus AB a finacial company and a senior levcturer at the Linne Universtiy in Kalmar.


Kenneth Fagbe



Kenneth is a board member of SWABA. He is the Managing Direector of Skandik Afrik Media AB and founder & CEO oa ALLEVENTS.NG of Nigeria. 



Ruhia Mahama



Ruhia is a research Assistant with SWABA. She holds a Master's degree in Global studies  from the Unversity of Gothenburg and a BA degree in Sociology with Information Studies from the Unversity of Ghana, Legon.





Telephone: +46 734474245

Email: info@swaba.org